Facebook/Instagram & Google/Youtube Marketing


Advertising can be a lever for growth once the foundational elements of sales and marketing are present throughout your funnel. If you want to play with the big boys and girls, you will need to elevate your game.

Generating customers on Facebook and Google can be expensive at worst, and game-changing at best. Opt for the latter. If you want to succeed in the ad auctions AND win your customer’s heart over, you will need to give your customers and the algorithms both what they want simultaneously. 

Insider Clicks is a full service marketing team that takes a consultative approach and creates customers on demand for companies that are tired of their marketing departments. We don’t do things like everybody else. Hire us today if you’re ready to think outside the box.

Google/Youtube Ads

How do customers search? What do they search? Why do they search? What’s the intent behind the search? These are some of the questions that drive our PPC strategy at it’s core. We segment search traffic based on search intent and identify those patterns based on combinations of words and match types.

By analyzing customer behavior with 100% tracking, whether they called you directly or made a purchase on the website, we will identify the terms responsible for generating that business and optimize your placement for those terms. We also utilize intelligent algorithms and scripts to help us identify and optimize your ads so that your impression share aka “market share” on Google ads renders you the largest piece of the pie. Nobody does it better.

Facebook/IG Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads will reward you if you know how to play the game. They can either be the quickest route to sales growth or a giant liability if used improperly.

The challenge is you just can’t just say whatever you want. Both your ad copy and  landing page must adhere to Facebook’s ad policies. Not only must you persuade your customers to business with you, but you must simultaneously write copy that appeases Facebook, which is far from a cake walk. Just ask the hundreds of thousands of businesses that have had their ads disapproved or their accounts shut down. Maybe you’re one of those businesses so you can relate.

Regardless of your situation, our team will create copy that remains compliant and decreases your risk of getting banned while simultaneously getting you what you desire the most: real paying customers.

By combining ad-compliant copywriting, testing, optimized bidding strategies, lookalike audiences, psychographic interest targeting, and proper tracking, our team can scale your traffic and help your business maximize growth.


Retargeting is popular but why? Because many visitors won’t purchase from you the very first time they see you. Just like most women won’t marry on the first date. You must build trust through repetition and familiarity and by addressing the key reasons that are holding them back from taking action. Hence, remarketing can serve as a persuasive reminder that there are more reasons to do business with you. Additionally, your business seems important if they are seeing it everywhere they go. This leads them to believe that you are somebody they should at least “consider” doing business with.

Conversion Tracking

It may come as a surprise that many marketers struggle to get conversion tracking right. It is often installed improperly or not tracking 100% of the actions it should be tracking. That’s because conversion tracking involves having an understanding of how the code structure works on the platform it is being used on. Implementing conversion tracking for purchases will be different on Shopify than it is in Woocommerce and so on and so forth. When implementing conversion tracking for calls, installation will vary based on the call service you are using and the coding structure on WordPress or Clickfunnels. Furthermore, incomplete conversion tracking will yield lackluster results, render optimization efforts useless, and create inaccurate KPIs in your reporting dashboard. Leave conversion tracking up to us. We have experience installing and troubleshooting conversion tracking across many different platforms and calling apps.

Custom Business Intelligence Dashboards

At any given moment, do you know the score in your business? How many new leads came in? How many sales? How many customers? What your customer acquisition costs are across all ad platforms? We have the expertise to build you a custom reporting dashboard so you can have the analytics and KPIs available to you in real-time. We understand transparency and can work with you to build a custom dashboard to report on the business intelligence that you need when you need it.