Digital Marketing For Restaurants.

We help restaurants create predictable cash flow by building a marketing system for acquiring new customers on auto-pilot.

24 Restaurant Marketing Ideas You Can Implement

Any of the following restaurant marketing strategies are a good way to “supplement” an automated marketing system. If you don’t have a marketing system that can run on autopilot, the thought of executing any sort of marketing can seem daunting due to lack of time. Instead of trying to do anything and everything on this list, you should first create a dependable marketing system by combining different tactics in a scheduled and organized manner. Once you have that in place, you will free up time to test other marketing ideas. Be sure to watch our “Restaurant Marketing Blueprint” to learn more about our secret sauce.

• Social media ads
• Community, event, or charity sponsorships
• Google ads/SEO
• Newspaper/Magazine ads
• Public relations/Agency partnerships
• Direct mail ads
• Television ads
• Radio ads
• Send out e-mails
• Contests/raffles
• Online reservations
• Food apps

• Website ordering
• Food blogger and influencer shout outs
• Offer coupons/discounts
• Partner with delivery services
• Fundraisers
• Posting on Instagram
• Word of mouth
• Loyalty programs
• Flyers
• Get listed on food apps
• Tweets on Twitter
• Fish bowl business card raffles

Marketing Strategies To Execute Right Now

• Claim your restaurant on Google and directories like Yelp
• Consider creating a high margin menu specifically for online delivery service like Uber Eats, Postmates, Grub Hub, Favor, etc.
• Post on social media like Instagram and do collabs with bloggers and influencers in exchange for food
• Consider launching an SEO strategy
Advertise. Yes, this costs money but the reward is reach. Many free marketing methods have limited reach and are not enough to sustain your business. Effective paid advertising has no limit on reach , therefore, the sky is the limit. 

What Attracts Customers To A Restaurant?

There are many ways to persuade potential customers to visit your restaurant. Photos of good-looking food, unique menu items, food or drink specials, special events, live bands, free-wifi, and last but not least, sometimes just making them aware of your presence at the right time (Hint: when they’re hungry) is enough to get people to come to your restaurant.

What Is The Best Marketing Strategy For Restaurants?

The best marketing strategy is going to differ from business to business, but we believe that the best marketing strategy is a marketing strategy that:

• Does not take time away from your schedule
• Allows you to acquire new customers without losing money and at a minimum, break even
• Allows you to bring in new customers quickly and repeatedly with consistency
• Provides you with a dependable source of Cash Flow which can serve as a lifeline for any restaurant.

The best marketing strategy is not a single tactic or strategy but a well designed, systematic, marketing machine(system) that runs day in and day out.

So what does a good marketing system look like?

Restaurant Marketing System

Acquire Customers 24/7 on Autopilot


Reach the right amount of people where they live, metaphorically and literally, on their smartphones.


Bring in real paying customers through that door using special offers and authentic branding.


Bring back those customers and program them to be repeat visitors.

Ready To Automate Your Marketing?

The team at Insider Clicks is ready to relieve you of your marketing duties. Click below to learn how we create and manage a marketing system that feeds your restaurants month in and month out.

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