Funnel Building


A marketing funnel takes your customers through a sequence of touchpoints such as discovery, interest, action, and purchase. Likewise, your communication strategy should engage, inform, initiate action, remind, and repeat using different flows depending on their progress in the buyer’s journey. 

Creating a funnel is the process of developing a sales strategy that purposely directs your customers through different automated flows in order to render the appropriate product offerings that match the buyer’s intent given their needs and desires. 

Insider Clicks is a full service marketing team that takes a consultative approach and creates customers on demand for companies that are tired of their marketing departments. We don’t do things like everybody else. Hire us today if you’re ready to think outside the box.

Customer Persona Research

Most businesses have no idea who their ideal customers are. By gaining clarity on who you are selling to, you can vastly improve marketing communication and targeting which can have an exponential effect on increasing your conversion rates. By tapping into existing databases, identifying customer demographics and psychographics, and getting customer feedback, we can rewire your messaging for optimum delivery.

Competitor Research

Your competitors often hold a trove of data available to us so we can reverse engineer what’s working. It may not be immediately obvious to the untrained eye, but we can detect the hidden treasure below the surface. How are they acquiring their customers, why are their customers buying, how can we position ourselves to increase our market share? These are key questions that we consider during our competitor review.

Offer Creation

Is your product or service too similar to others? Is it desirable? How can you make your proposition a no-brainer? What should you charge? When crafting offers, we design product offerings that match your customer’s desires and intent by building and presenting it in a way that subdues them into taking action. The greatest product in the world will fail without good marketing. It’s not just what you have but how you say it that determines business success.


Your funnel, advertising, product offering, and design should harmonize with your brand. What are you trying to achieve long term? Short term? We believe that direct response advertising and branding go hand in hand, aka “brand response marketing”. Trying to sell your customers shouldn’t appear gimmicky or salesy. Conversely, you don’t want to solely impress people with a beautiful website; you want them to buy something.


“How to say it”, “what to say”, “when to say it”, and “why we say it” involves understanding your market and positioning, your customer’s wants and desires, and your product offering so that you can develop copy that prints money. Copywriting will make or break your customer acquisition costs and we will help your business elevate from just being a mere competitor.

Web Development

Building funnels on Clickfunnels, WordPress, or Shopify involves understanding the appropriate solution for your objectives. Are you selling physical and digital products or are you providing services? Do you need to provide users with self-access or do you just need integration with a 3rd party app for fulfillment? We will identify the proper channels and delivery methods necessary to execute your brand and marketing strategy.

Graphic Design

Your first impression has enormous impact on your brand’s positioning in customers’ minds. By portraying that you take your business seriously and emanating a visual sense of trust, you’re one step closer to making a sale. We build aesthetically pleasing and mobile responsive web pages that make “cents!”

Custom Integrations

A lead just popped in and you need it in your sales teams’ inbox, on their phone, or transferred live to their phone. Additionally, you want it imported into your CRM and added to a spreadsheet on Google. In another example, your customer just checked out on your website and you want them to receive a welcome email with their login details so they can access their course immediately. Whatever the case may be, we create integrations with thousands of 3rd party apps and can handle your automation needs.

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is still as relevant today as it was when it exploded in the 1990’s. Email is one of the only traffic sources that you can own and that you can control amid the notorious presence of Google & Facebook ad account bans. Creating a large and engaged e-mail list a profit center that often gets overlooked. By nurturing your list and prioritizing the importance of e-mail, you can create a dependable communication channel for future offers and promotions by providing your customers with valuable and engaging content.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has seen a resurgence with many large brands running perfectly timed SMS campaigns that capitalize on buyer’s impulsive shopping behavior. Think Dominos and Papa Johns. SMS isn’t just for large brands. By employing an omnipresent strategy, you remain top of mind when it matters most.