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PPC management, at its core, is about learning who your customers are. At Insider Clicks, we identify patterns about search and shopping behavior combined with a comprehensive analysis of your entire marketing funnel in order to build the most effective campaigns tailored to your goals.

Who We Are

We’re in it for the long run and want to be your partner along the way. We’re motivated as much by your success as you are. We stand behind our work and don’t need contracts to lock you in. We let the results speak for themselves.
100% Transparent
We’re always clear about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. You will always own your account and have access to a clear reporting dashboard so you always know the score. We set expectations and we deliver on those expectations.
Expert Management
We never sub-contract or hire inexperienced analysts to handle your account. Our team has been managing PPC accounts for over 10 years. Whether you have a niche business, sell B2B, or offer over 1,000 e-commerce products, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before.
Client Satisfaction
We are a team of experienced PPC analysts with experience dating back to 2008. We wouldn’t be in business today without our growing list of satisfied clients. We strive to ensure client satisfaction by providing measurable results, prompt communication, and attention to detail.

B2B Marketing

For B2B & Niche Industries.

One of the biggest challenges many B2B companies face is generating enough leads for their products and services. For those that do gain some traction in their lead generation efforts, poor lead quality seems like an inevitable part of the game. Generating tons of leads may look good on your marketing team’s monthly reports but that does you no favors in the sales department.

Low quality leads can demoralize a sales team, take away valuable working hours that could be better spent speaking to seriously interested prospects, and diminish a business’s profits.

Why Us?

Leads. Quality. Optimization. Consistency.

We use our vast experience in digital marketing to create dependable and consistent B2B campaigns that deliver real leads while improving lead quality over time.

Low quality leads can demoralize a sales team, take away valuable working hours that could be better spent speaking to seriously interested prospects, and diminish a business’s profits.

Our Process

From Conception To Campaign Management


We take a comprehensive look at your business to analyze your unique position in the marketplace.


We set benchmarks, implement a data collection strategy, and install conversion tracking across all networks.


We create persuasive digital ads on carefully selected channels where a B2B strategy is most likely to succeed and launch with a bang.


We analyze your data to reveal profitable ad placement combinations that will dictate future marketing and optimization efforts.


Data-learning will allow us to deliver winning campaigns that continue to improve and evolve over time ensuring long-term success.

We Manage

B2B Marketing Including, But Not Limited to:

Here’s how we solve many of the marketing challenges facing B2B companies:

Coming Up With Marketing Ideas That Work!

Finding a strategy, tactic, or offer that gets the attention of potential leads can be daunting, especially if marketing is not your specialty. That’s where we come in. Insider Clicks brings together creativity, technical sophistication, and experience to propose winning ideas that are sure to cut through the noise and help you reach your desired customers.

Generating A Dependable Flow Of High-Quality Leads

Sales resulting from referrals or networking is great if and when it happens but is by no means a dependable way to grow a sales department. We analyze your ideals prospects and use intelligent data collection to target the best prospects on the largest platforms so you can always expect a steady supply of leads. But we don’t stop there. As our dataset increases, we then feed that to multiple technologies to help discover and hyper target the highest quality prospects possible.

Integration With Your Current Systems

Whether your company uses Salesforce, HubSpot, WordPress, Mailchimp, or any CRM, e-mail, or sales platform of your choice, we can link your technologies together so that leads flow freely between your platforms.

Complete B2B Marketing Services

We are a B2B marketing consulting company. We’re everything an ad agency is not. We handle everything from coming up with ideas, to building ads, creating email drip campaigns, writing content, designing graphics, building websites, integrating apps, creating ROI tracking systems, and managing your campaigns. Our focus on B2B allows us to better serve your business and the challenges commonly associated with it. 

What’s The Score?

One of the biggest mistakes we see when conducting marketing audits is the lack of tracking or inaccurate tracking. In fact, one of the most common mistakes we see in a Google Ads account is inaccurate conversion tracking caused by misplaced code or the lack of phone call inclusion. 

One of the challenges facing many B2B businesses is ensuring complete end-to-end accountability. How are you tracking the customer journey from click to call to sale? What ad generated that phone call? What is the cost to generate one lead? What is the cost to generate one sale? What is the contact rate? How many people pick up the phone? What is the closing rate? What is the return on investment? 

ROI measurement should be part of the conversation and an important element when launching any digital marketing initiative. Insider Clicks helps you know the score by adapting to your current technologies, building custom solutions, and reporting on the metrics that matter most to your business

We Work With:

Insurance Brokers

Business Law Firms



B2B Services

B2B Software Solutions

B2B Security

IT Services

Accounting Firms

Financial Services



Medical Services & Equipment



And More!

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Whether you want to lower your customer acquisition costs, improve lead quality, or increase your sales volume, we will build a campaign that delivers on those objectives. We’re not just PPC experts, we’re marketing consultants.

Frequently asked questions

We don’t operate on long term contracts. Our long term relationships are built on trust and results. 

Management fees are dependent on the number of campaigns, depth of services, and budgets. Prices can be quoted following an initial consultation.

Insider Clicks has been driving results for clients since 2010. We have extensive experience across many platforms and understand the complexities of B2B industries. 

Our team closes the loop on conversion tracking from click to call using conversion tracking scripts along with call tracking technologies. You will see these conversion metrics in your monthly reports. 

We offer complete digital marketing services from branding to web development and ad management. This allows us to offer fast turn around on new projects or one off tasks for your marketing campaigns. 

We are located in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas.