Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

We Don’t Put Your Pay Per Click PPC Campaign On Autopilot

With our PPC experts, you’re guaranteed optimal service with outstanding results.

Since billions of searches occur every day, it’s increasingly important to target the correct audience while filtering the clicks you don’t want in the first place. Insider Clicks specializes in developing solid Pay Per Click PPC campaigns that will reduce your per click costs and drive more volume to your sites.

Our services in Pay Per Click PPC include and are not limited to:

  • Setting up a campaign that matches your companies industry and lead work flow.  Each campaign is set up with the consumer and industry in mind and then analyzed through various analytical methods to gauge performance and effectiveness.
  • Ongoing support is provided to continuously monitor and gauge success of each campaign, all the way down to each individual keyword.
  • Further analysis is developed by linking your AdWords through Google Analytics. This provides further insights into campaign optimization tactics that can’t be seen from the standard AdWords reporting tools.
  • Landing page and advertisement optimization. Even a small change to how your customers interact with your site, or are guided through the process, can make a huge impact on success.

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